First Phase: We performed Brand Discovery, Color Study, Audience Analysis and Brand Material Development all in accordance with the Clients original ideas while overseen and improved by our in-house branding expertise. Second Phase: We launched a professional website, 3 social media pages, marketing materials and initial listings on Google for selected keywords. Third Phase: On-going social media management on Client’s behalf, social media hashtag trend studies, outreach to potential clients through social media and email marketing, bi-weekly website maintenance and improvements.

Successes: NBPerformance went from 12 Online Clients, 15 In-Person Clients and 8 Nutrition Program Clients to amassing 63 Online Clients ($60/month), 30 In-Person Clients ($120/month) and 55 Nutrition Program Clients ($90/month). 2.5x his business revenue in 4 months. Went from 0 to a concurrent 8,000 monthly unique website visits. The owner of this business used to have to work 3 jobs, he now lives solely off of the business he loves and is passionate about.

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